Saturday 18 July 2009


A few words from a photography lesson.

In photography what is interesting for me is that everybody sees the world differently and has there own unique view on the world, and while there is no right or wrong, only differences in opinion. There are compositional rules that apply to the construction of any image. As a photographer it is your job to learn these rules, in the same way you would learn a new language, to begin with it may seem difficult, but with practice and understanding it should become second nature, like riding a bike. something you cannot forget.
In the same way a music track needs structure and balance, and not just a random combination of notes. A photograph - or a good photograph requires thought and also a technical knowledge of your equipment. But not always, photography differs from other art forms in that anyone can accidently create a masterpiece with no understanding of the process, unlike more traditional forms of art, such as painting or music.
The real skill in photography is to be able to constantly make arresting and interesting images that speak to people, and that people want to look at over and over again.
One of the reasons i like photography so much is that, for me anyway, it is a tool to look for peoples beauty. And when you can show this people without having spent any time in photoshop re-touching it, or lit it in a studio, and make them happy and comfortable with themselves, it is a very powerful and liberating experience for both parties.